Monday, January 14, 2019


Some scientific missions make quick up-down flights to deploy chemical tracers that display features of Earth’s magnetic fields [‘barium cloud’ missions]. They are usually widely publicized and generally recognized as human experiments. But in one particular case, errors in the date and location of a report made years after the event prevented immediate correlation of the sighting with  known launch.

Jimmy Carter (president 1977-81) witnessed an unexplained aerial phenomena in Leary, Ga., in 1969 two years before becoming governor of Georgia. Based on a more accurate determination of where Carter was, and the date, a very suggestive 'hit' can be made by a documented NASA barium cloud rocket launched at that time and reported in local newspapers the next day.

It's fair to point out that UFO promoters have used this story for decades without ANY of them uncovering the original report's errors in place and date OR the remarkable coincidence of the sighting with a 'classic' pseudo-UFO stimulus. 

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